Nikolay Zhuravlev. STADAGALDR and RUNAS YOGA. book was Issued 12 october 2011 year.


The history of runes’ yoga or Stadagaldr began in 1930 s. It was a period of interest for forgotten written languages and all mysterious things. There were many people all over Europe who learnt ancient runes’ signs.

Among  investigators there were not only linguists who considered the runes to be only unusual language of the past and not only mystics who worshiped the runes fanatically as the greatest heritage of old times but there were also practical  people who tried to find the way of using runes in their modern life .

The famous followers of Gvido von List, the German scientists Fridrikh Bernhard Marby and Zigfrid Adolf Kummer chose the practical way.

They both supposed that runes were an instruction on meditative gymnastics like oriental hattha yoga and this instruction was left for us by our Northern ancestors.

The philosophical conception of Marby and Kummer was based on the real archaeological finds. These are ancient German magic figures of alrauns which served as charms and the pictures on gold horns from Gallehuss.  The figures of alrauns are statues made of bone. These statues stand in the poses of runes. The gold horn found in Gallehuss in the South Utland in 1639 is covered with carving.

This carving depicts people’s figures in odd poses imitating an ancient written language. The second horn which looked like the first one was found there in 1734. The gold horns Gallehus caused the development of the runes’ yoga.

Marby believed that with help of “runes’ gymnastics” or”runes’ dance” we can understand the spheres which are not available for common people’s perception, we can contact with Supreme Gods and influence on space processes. For achieving it we should pose imitating runes’ written language and sing the names of runes so if we were Austrian “Joddles.”

Kummer also believed that runes’ magic allowed to rule energetic streams going from the Space. For doing it you should stand in correct runa pose and tune your perception with help of special sounds or galdor. He was also sure that special runic gestures were very important.

Of course, Marby and Kummer did not invent using of certain poses and gestures and singing and repeating runes. But they were the first people who discovered forgotten tradition of magic of the North.

The tradition of galdor goes back to very old German-Scandinavian history. It is an active magic technique which helps magician to change the inner world or the external world according to his will. The term “Galdr” comes from the word meaning raven’s cry or raven’s song. The myth tells about two ravens which voices were listened by Odin.. Odin wanted to know the greatest mysteries of the World.

The certain poses or “asanas” and symbolic gestures-“mudras” are used in any religion, magic school or esoteric all over the world. For example, Christian’s hands pose when they pray meditative poses in the East and magic passes of the South-American shamans.

Later, in the period of Hitler’s regime, Marby and Kummer’s conception and the scientists’ followers were proclaimed outlaw. But some time later, after the Second World War, the doctrine of runes’ yoga revived again. Nowadays many hundreds thousands of people practice Stadhagaldr for improving their health.

Of course, runes’ yoga has greatly changed for 70 years since its birth. The terms changed, now the runes’ songs are called “mantras” and the runes’ gestures are called “mudras”. The practical part of Stadhagaldr has changed too. Some new, more effective complexes of exercises were created.

The best example is the author’s system by Nikolay Zhuravlev which is being taught in the educational centre “Assgard”. This system includes some elements of classical runes’ yoga.

.received his first Knowledge of runes from his father, so his way of life was not chosen by chance, it was destined from Heaven. After many years of practicing he created his universal system of tuning to the magic of runes, having adapted the Northern tradition for contemporary men. Hundreds of his disciples not only in Russia but all over the world master the mysteries of art runes, do runes’ yoga using his methods and give this Knowledge to people.

              Runes’ yoga.

Runes’ yoga clears energetic channels helping to tune to runes’ energy. When you exercise, your body becomes flexible and plastic, psychophysical blocks, muscles’ tensions go away. Nervous, hormone, cardial systems’ work becomes normal. Sanitary effect occurs after the first training. Of course, if you need a stable healing effect, you should do runes’ yoga regularly, there are no any contra-indications for doing runes’ yoga. It is important that when you do runes’ yoga, your treatment goes in complex with your training activity.

It is recommended to do warm up for 5-10 minutes before training for making your body ready and taking tension away. You should also warm your hands up, opening your palms maximum for taking energy easier. You do not need any special uniform for doing runes’ yoga but your clothes must be comfortable and it must not prevent you from moving.

Each runa of runes’ yoga consists of three components –a pose, a mudra and a mantra.

Imitating runa with your body(Stadha) or /and with your fingers, runa’s mantra, a person takes runa’s power and all its characteristics. These exercises will allow to activate runes’energy, to give it right direction and to harmonize your biosphere.

This complex consists of 24 poses, each pose corresponds to its own runa. You can remember poses very soon, and you can do the easily. You can also do not all complex but some separate runes. For example, you can do only runa of the day. You should do each exercise for 2 minutes minimum.

The initial position for all runes’ poses is following: legs at the width of shoulders, feet are parallel, arms are lowered along the body. Teeth are a little clostd, tongue is turned back to soft palate. You should breathe deeply with your stomach, your stiach goes up when you breathe in, the lower part of stomach is pulled in when you breathe out. You should breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. The rhythm of breathing must be natural. You should relax maximum. When you do exercises, tense must be only when your physical potentialities are already in limit. Try to stretch your legs and arms maximum. This static stretching serves to recovery of tissues and their structure. The static stretching is more effective and safer method than the dynamic stretching, from the point of vien of medicine. If you feel pain while doing exercises, it means that your energetic channels are blocked and energy can’t go through them. If you feel vibration in your body, it means that energetic channels are being cleared. These sensations are correct and natural. Your pain will decrease after every new training, and you will do exercises easier.

Runa’s mantra is usually the name of runa but sometimes, the names of the worlds or the names, of the Gods are used. Sometimes some sounds which are phonetic equivalent of runa are used. Each runa has its own corresponding mantra which has its own unique rhythm, power, runa’s mantra, your body begins to resound with runa’s frequency. After doing the first complex of exercises which consists of 24 poses it is recommended to do runes’ mudras.

                    The complex of runes’ poses.

                    The runes of the first att.

    Fehu is a space fire. This runa is used for increasing personal power and it is also used as a setting down to the Egregor of runa. It helps to attract people, things and events.

Fehu makes runes’ magic available so it is recommended to begin your exercises with Fehu even if you don’t plan to do all runes’ complex but you want to do only one runa,

The universal energy of Fehu gives a person power and will. It teaches how to attract and save riches and use them in business. Fehu is the runa of activity which gives a feeling of infinity of chosen way. It gives you a will to follow your way.

If you need you can the additional formula-spell before doing exercise:

  I am doing through the Gotes of Light.

  Space fire is filling me.

  Freir and Freya are helping me

  And defending me.

Stand straight with your feet at the width of shoulders. Your crown goes up. Stretch your arms forward, your right palm is at the level of face, your left palm is a little higher; your left palm is about 20 santimetres higher than your right palm. Concentrate on your crown. Your body is being filled with energy and the space around you is being filled with power. Imagine that a dome is being formed around you. Then concentrate on your palms. Feel that your energy goes from the upper parts of your fingers to the centre of your  palms and it goes in when you breathe in. Energy goes through your shoulders and goes down when you breathe out. This energy mixes with energy going through your head. You will feel an energetic pole going through your body. Say the mantra”Fei” imagining the runa Fehu. When you finish doing this exercise you should put your arms palms up and put your hands on your solar plexus. Then shake your hands and feet throwing off your strain.   

URUZ is a runa of power. It is used for ruling energy. It increases capacity for work.

Uruz is an energy of a new undertaking and any new movement. It helps us to understand what, when and why we really need. This knowledge gives us stability and it helps us to pass the power of URUZ through the body. The power of URUZ will always help to invent something new and realize all ideas. It will help you to develop yourself and go forward. URUZ symbolizes persistence and stamina. It is considered that URUZ or is a graphic symbol of wild extinct bull which looked like a buffalo more than 2 meters high. Its name was “aurokh”. It was spread in the Northern Europe till the middle of the 17th century. Its meat was used as food, its tendons were used for making arms, and its skin was used for making clothes. Aurokh was a bread-winner for the Northern peoples. Like a sacred cow Audumla from the Scandinavian myths which nursed the giant Imir with its milk, Aurokh and its runa are the symbols of unlimited power of the Earth.

     It is recommended to say the additional formula-spell:

  The animal power is waking up in me.

   I am Aurokh.

   I feel a powerful stream of energy,

   My body is turning into a clot of energy.

Stand straight with your feet together. Bend and stretch your hands to floor and your crown forward. Don’t bend your head. You should stretch your spine maximum and fix it in this pose. Imagine that energy goes to your body through your legs, it goes through your arms and then it goes down. When you breathe in, the energy of the Earth goes in. When you breathe out, the energy goes through your arms to the ground.

Say the mantra”Yuss”. You should concentrate on your solar plexus and you should also concentrate there all energy which you got.

 After finishing doing this exercise you should do a little breathing exercise- hands up when you breathe in and hands down you breathe out. Don’t forget  to throw off strain from your arms and legs.

THURISAZ is destroying and break off all negative connections. It is a runa of clear way.

Thurisaz help to break all negative connections with the past. So it helps to increase energetic potential greatly because the relationships without harmony ruin people. The relationships with your close people and people who important for you will never break, they will be only corrected by runa, and negative aspects will disappear.

Energy of the runa Thurisaz restores the energetic body of a person, clears and defends a person in the future, it brings harmony and takes all obstacles away .

The name of the runa “Thurisaz” comes from the word “Turs”. Turs were the giants in the Northern myths. They symbolized an indomitable energy which existed before the Space birth. Turs were a powerful strength which defended an order. Their destructive energy was aimed only for removal of enemies of order and laws. If you want you can say the spell which will help to tune to the runa Turisaz better:

  I am Turs, ice and fog

  Surround me.

  I am alone.

 And all the World is inside of me.

Stand still with your feet together your spine is straight. Your arm is bent and stretched against your and hip and your left arm is stretched along your body. Your left hand makes a fist. The energy of the Earth goes through your feet when you breathe in, it goes up slowly through your legs and your spine. When you breathe out, this energy goes through your right arm back to your body and then to the ground. You should try to feel the stream of energy of the Earth which goes through all your body- the energy goes up and down at the same time.

Say the mantra “Tauss” with vibration. At the level of your stomach imagine an energetic ring hanging in the air. The ring begins to rotate around you and around its axis slowly. All positive things remain and all negative things ruin. All diseases, negative relationships, negative emotions, everything bad goes away from your life.

The ring goes on rotating around you, it goes into depth of the Earth and then goes up to the unlimited depths of the Space. Thus, it goes through all your body scanning and working up all information which it scans from your energetic body. Sometimes the ring can move slowly or even stop- it indicates that there are some deformations in the energetic cocoon and it is necessary to smooth it out.

You should finish this exercise with little breathing gymnastics. Don’t forget to shake your arms and legs in turn for additional muscles’ relaxation.

Ansuz(Ass) is connection with the Genius of the Earth, increasing the level of consciousness .

Strength of mind.

It symbolizes the strength of consciousness and mind and primordial order which image is printed in every body’s subconsciousness deeply. Ansuz makes this perfect memory of the body free, and a process of coming back to the ideal condition begins. That is why this runa is in the group of systematic runes. The energy of the runa Ansuz is a bridge between us and unlimited wisdom and strength of the Genius of the Earth.

This runa is directly connected with Asses, the Supreme Gods in the German- Scandinavian Pantheon. Asses symbolized Kindness, Justice and wisdom. For work on the runa Ansuz you should say the spell:

I am united with the Earth’s consciousness.

My thought is action.

The source of Strength

Is woken up in me.

For doing this exercise correctly you should stand straight, your feet together. Your left leg is put to the side so that you could touch the floor with your toe. You should transfer your weight to your right leg. Your left arm is stretched to the side parallel to your left leg and your right arm is along your body.

You should concentrate on your right leg. When you breathe in, the energy comes in through your right foot and goes up passing through your hip. The energy fills all your body, goes to the right cerebral hemisphere activating it. When you breathe out, the energy is thrown through your left arm and left leg. You breathe in through your right side and breathe out through your left side. Sing the mantra “ONSS”. Concentrate on your brain, feel your connection with the consciousness of our Planet. You must have the same sensations in the both cerebral hemispheres.

 Stand still and do some breathing exercises. Then shake off your arms and legs for taking strain away.

 RAIDO(REID)—is a runa of way and intuition.

Raido is an energy of intuitive movement. When your intuition is switched on, all your doubts disappear, and knowledge of right way comes instead of it. Everything is easy and righ on this way. It is recommended to do this runa’s pose in the morning for getting necessary impulse for all day.

Raido symbolizes a wheel with eight spokes which personifies a cyclic way of the sun and the moon. It is a symbol of recurrence of movement and punctually calculated actions.

This runa is often used in fighting techniques when it is necessary to switch off consciousness for spontaneous movement of the body. It is also used in various rituals for magic ruling the circumstances in person’s favour.

Feel the real sense of Raido in a special tuning spell:

 A wheel of time rotates.

Everything repeats.

Everything comes back.

I know my predestination.

I go forward to my aim.

Stand straight with your spine stretched. Transfer the weight of your body to your right leg, your left leg must touch the floor with your toe. Your left arm must press to the hip, and your arm is stretched along your body. When you breathe in, energy goes up along right side of your body. When you breathe out, energy goes down along left side of your body. You should concentrate on your chest. Say the mantra “RAIT”.

Imagine that you are at the seaside. The sea is unlimited. The sea is power and possibilities. Feel an unlimited power inside of you. Your body is full of energy and calm.

Tune to your certain business or to this day. Try to scan space around you. A feeling where you should go, in what direction you should go will came to you very soon.

You should finish this exercise with some elements of breathing gymnastics and throw down your strain from your arms and legs.

KANO (KEN) is a fire. Increasing activity. Healing yourself and other people.

Kano is a clearing strength of fire. It is an energy of inner light. It is a symbol of knowledge and mind. This runa treats body and consciousness, it makes your thoughts and makes your body good. It recovers your power quickly. All your fears and worries disappear in the divine fire of KANO. A person gets self- confidence. The name Kano comes from the ancient German word KAUNA –“torch”. KEN also associates with the English word “can”. But we should also remember that in the ancient Scandinavian language KAUN meant “ulcer”, “illness”. We can make a conclusion that in old time this runa’s ability to cure various diseases was used more often than its ability to open an inner creative potential of a person.

Before doing exercise say the spell trying to realize its depth:

I see a Fire.

I am standing on a fire pyramid.

A fire is going through my body.

I can cure.

Stand straight, your feet together, your spine is stretched maximum. Hands up a little above your head. Imagine that you put hands on fire pole with palms on the pole. Concentrate on the lower part of your stomach and say the mantra “KAY”.

Feel the fire pole becomes larger, so you are inside of this pole. The fire inside of you is growing. A raging fire is swallowing you up. It is burning all your diseases, fears, negative programs, your tireness. Breathe with your chest actively for making this effect stronger.

Breathe in deeply. When you breathe out, imagine that a black smoke goes out of your crown. The flame continues burning, and the smoke becomes lighter with your each breathe out. Go on doing this exercise until the smoke becomes white colour.

After that it is recommended to do some traditional elements of breathing gymnastics. Then throw down the strain from your legs and arms’ muscles.

  GEBO(GIFU)—making connections.

Unification of energies of the sky and the Earth.

GEBO personifies harmony of energies of the Earth and the Space. It is a force which connects different of energy and settles balance. GEBO’s aim is to reconcile and unite contrary forces making them complete each other.

The name of this runa means “gift”, and it is pronounced “gift” in the English language so far. The mystic art of mutual gift uniting two parties is on base of runa Gebo’s activity. It is depicted in its graphic.

Gebo gives a person a special gift when this person is really ready to get it. It is a gift to come to terms with the surroundings and sympathize with other people. It is a gift of great intuition and great sensitiveness which allows to “read” people like an opened book.

Say the spell imagining that you are standing at the point of crossing:

  My consciousness is broadening.

  I can feel people.

  I can read their thoughts.

  I can rule them.

Put your legs wider than your shoulders, keep your back straight and don’t bend your knees. Stretch your arms up and a little to the sides, turn your palms outside. Tune to the stream of energy of the runa Gebo and feel this stream going through your body. Concentrate on your left palm. Space energy comes through your left palm and goes down to the ground along your right leg.

At the same time the energy of the Earth goes up through your left leg along your right arm, it goes up to infinity, uniting with the energy of the space in your solar plexus.

Say the mantra “GEIB”.

After finishing doing the exercise breathe in and out deeply. Shake your arms and legs throwing your strain and tireness.

    WINJU (WUNJO) –is sexuality. It is mutual exchange of sexual energies. Joy.

WINJU is personification of harmony of existence, love and aspiration to perfection. WINJU is one of the strongest and the most mighty runes because it influences on sexual energy of a person and it helps to accumulate this energy in human’s body. If you have much sexual energy, you feel joy of love and you can share this energy with your partner. The runa WINJU helps to display this energy as energy of attraction which is a motive power for connecting and uniting people. The name of this runa comes from the ancient German word WUNJO which means “joy” or “perfection” or “movement to perfection”. Using unlimited energy and power of this runa, a person discovers the way of learning himself and other people, he gains abilities to see through people, to scan mental information and to find the ways of easy communication. This special tuning spell will make your work on the runa WINJU easier:

    I am a fire flower.

    I attract people  

    As if I were a candle flame.

   I am sweeter than honey.

Stand straight, try to stretch up maximum. Your right hand is on the back of your head, so that your tumb was on the first cervical vertebrae. If your hand is in correct position, you can touch your hand with your elbow standing back to the wall. Concentrate on the liwer part of your stomach and on your genitals. Say the mantra”WAIN” imagining a little luminous disk which moves clockwise if you are a man, and it moves anticlockwise if you are a woman.

Watch your sensations in your body and do some breathing exercises. Shake your hands and feet for relaxation.

Runes of the second att.

 HAGALAZ(HAGAL). Defence from negative influence. Inevitable changes.

Hagalaz is one of the most difficult runes. It can bring into your life some serious changes which can often be not desirable. But this runa doesn’t ruin only, it discovers new opportunities for your spiritual development. It brings elemental events which are out of human’s control.

 If this powerful and dangerous energy influences you, your inner harmony and your desire to get knowledge using this situation can help you. You should not be sorry about your past which is going away. The name of this runa comes from the word “hail”. Hail is a symbol of elements of air and water. The ancient people ,believed that quartz crystals came from hardened space hail. These quartz crystals were able to keep and direct energy.

“Hagalaz” associates not noly with hail but also with rainbow. Rainbow is a bridge between the Gods’ world and the Humans’ world. The God Heimdal guarded this bridge. The red colour in the rainbow symbolized furious fire element. You can pass through it only if you clear your consciousness completely. Otherwise, this divine flame will not allow you to go up the sky and sometimes this flame can kill an unworthy man. But if you overcome all obstacles go through all ordeals, clear negative energies, you can get a stroung defence of the Assgard’s Gods and an ability to change space around you thanks to this runa.

 This is a tuning spell for this runa:

        I can see a rainbow.

        Heimdal guards it.

       The Gods defend and guard me.

       I am clearing my consciousness

       I am going to the world of Gods.

 The exercise consists of 4 poses:

1.stand straight, straighten your spine maximum. Hand up at the level of chest, your palms look to one another, your thumbs touch one another. Breathe in, concentrate energy on your palms. When you breathe out, put your arms to the sides slowly as if you move the borders of your energetic cocoon apart. Turn your hands palms up. Try to feel the space around you and say the mantra “HAGAL”. Imagine that energy is going round making a funnel. All outward negative influence is swallowed up into the funnel.

  1. Come back to pose number 1, turn 90 degrees and repeat the exercise.
  2. Come back to initial pose, turn 90 degrees more and do exercise again.

4.Put your hands at the level of chest, turn 90 degrees.

When you finish doing this exercise, put your arms down and shake them for throwing off the strain in your muscles.

NAUTIZ(NEED). Informative channel. Going out of depression.

NAUTIZ is a symbol of difficult period which can appear on everybody’s way. It is a result of our behavior in the past. Nautiz helps to realize that all our actions in the past are cause of our future. It helps a person to understand his predestination. That is why this runa is often associated with Norna Skuld who ruled the future and was one of three goddesses of fortune in the German-Scandinavian mythology.

 The runa Nautiz contains the energy of changes it teaches you to be dare. Restrained and persisten . when you work on this runa, you should be concentrated and you should use all your power. Only under these circumstances the runa Nautiz will allow you to understand what you really need and where you should move. If you know your predestination, you will be able to solve such difficult problems as depression and sensation of weakness.

  Try to understand a hidden sense of this tuning spell:

I am drinking honey of Poetry.

I am communicating with the Gods

I can see hidden things.

I understand people.

Stand straight, your feet together, your spine is straight. Raise your right hand over your head and take it aside, turn it palm up. Put down your left hand and take it aside, your palm looks down. Feel the stream of energy which goes up from the centre of the Earth, goes through your body and then goes up. At the same time the stream of energy of the Space gathers in your right palm, goes through your right arm, fills up the area of your heart and goes down to the ground through your left arm. When you breathe in, say the mantra :NOIT”.

Then you should repeat this exercise in a mirrow image way so that your left hand was raised up and your right hand was down.

Imagine a vertical line in front of you, on the left of it is a dark side-it is depression, weakness, melancholy. On the right of the line is a light side, symbolizing joy and purposefulness. Move mentally the line to the right, and you will feel melancholy and burden of life. Then move the line to the left, and you will fill that your body becomes light, you fill with inner power, you feel joy.


    After          finishing doing this exercise don’t forget to do some breathing and shake your hands.

I  ISA (iss) is ice. It is transformation of substances. Tranquility. Will.

The runa Isa is a symbol of constancy and static character. It is a sign of concentrated will and cold mind which is not influenced by emotions. This runa gives an ability to create and make wishes come true. The runa Isa helps gain tranquility and balance, it forms inner structure and encourages self-knowledge, you can also use it for defending from aggression. Its energy will cool you offender. Isa means ice. This runa restrains any movement like ice binds the river. The runa Isa slows down run of the time, it allows you to overcome your anxiety and to realize true values.

You can tune to work on this runa better if you say the spell:

  Tranquility and emptiness.

  I attract power

As if I was a magnet.

  I transform reality

Creating my own World.

Stand straight, raise your hands, palms look to each other. When you breathe in, energy goes up along your right leg, it fills up the right side of your body. Keep your breathing and imagine an ice ball in your hands. Say the mantra “ALSS”. When you breathe out, feel your energy going down through your left arm, it fills up the left side of your body and then it goes down to the ground trough your left leg. Concentrate on your heart, then on its pulsation. Feel pulsation in your arms, legs, in all your body. Try to speed up or speed down pulsation. Be careful. Put your rifht hand down imagining that you put it into a bucket with ice. Your hand will grow numb very soon because of imaginary cold. You should put your hand on the part of the body which hurts. Cold will go into your body, and pain will go away gradually. Then shake your arms and legs to throw your muscle strain.

   JERA(YER)—ruling the weather. Gradual changes.


The runa JERA is a symbol of non-stop movement and active force of life. This runa means renovation and changes for the better. Its rhythmic energy gives you health and strength.

The meaning of this runa is “year”. Summer and winter seasons go one after another in the eternal wheel of the year. Hard work in summer will bring a deserved award in winter, and correct actions in winter will bring success and rich harvest in summer.

Jera personifies a cyclic run of events- everything is connected in the woeld, and the end of one cycle is the beginning of other one.

  The tuning spell says about it:

  Everything flows, everything changes,

  Changes are inevitable.

  I rule the changes

  In my body.

Take usual pose. After that put your left foot on your right knee. Try to keep balance standing on your right foot. Put your right hand on your waist and put down your left arm along your body. Feel the central stream of energy. Energy goes through your right leg through your body and gets to your throat. It goes through your right arm and goes down through your body going through your left leg to the ground. Concentrate on your solar plexis and say the galdr”YER”, feeling your body in the indivisible stream of runa’s energy.

EIHWAZ(YO) –energy of life.

The runa EIHWAZ symbolizes the world tree of the German-Scandinavian mythology Yggdrasil’. This giant tree connected the sky and the Earth, it was a road between the underground world, the world of humans and the world of Gods.

The name of this runa means”yew-tree”. The people of the Northern countries planted yew-trees on the graves and worshiped them as a symbol of long life. Yew-tree can live more than 2000 years. That is why the runa EIHWAZ means death and at the same time it means eternal life. This runa promotes your inner transformation and teaches to travel to travel between worlds.

The runa EIHWAZ will help you to get rid of your fears. You can also use it for active defence and for healing. It is a runa of persistent action and endurance, it gives you energy for overcoming any obstacle.

For better tuning to this runa say the tuning spell:

External world doesn’t exist.

Only inner world exists

I think of all the world

And I rule the Universe inside of me

Stand straight with your left leg to the side, all your weight is transferred onto your right leg. Your hands up, your palms look at one another. Try to imagine and feel that the energy of the Earth goes up through your right leg, it goes up through the right side of your body to the centre of your right palm. Then energy goes to the centre of your left palm and goes down along the left side of your body back to the ground. Concentrate on your crown, say the mantra”(W)” when you breathe in. feel energy filling your spine, then it fills all your body. Imagine many streams and clots of unused energy. Tune to them. Concentrate on your solar plexis and say the galdr”(W). Try to imagine tentacles which go out your solar plexis and swallow clot of energy inside. These tentacles pump energy into solar plexis by deeping into free streams of energy. Energy goes from your solar plexis into your palms. You can direct it from your palms to your organ which hurts or you can direct it to a patient in the whole.

PERTH(PETRA)—boiler. Changing of space.

Developing clairvoyance.

PERTH is the runa of magic iniciation. During the process of iniciating a human goes through death for revival in a new quality.

The runa PERTH helps you to transform your consciousuess and to change space around. It helps to under stand the real reasons and to see consequences of events, to realize true aims in your life and concentrate on them completely.

The symbol of this runa is a moment of birth, appearing something that was hidden before.

PERTH literally means “that is hidden”. It is a personification of fortune and energies of Karma. It is a personification of fortune and energies of karma. It is also a symbol of time and development. This runa is mythologically connected with the great Goddess Frigg who Knows the mysteries of the past, the present and the future.

  For work on the runa PERTH say the tuning spell trying to understand its sense:

     I am standing in the cirde,

     I can see the light faraway.

     I can influence at the distance,

     I can change reality.

You can do this exercise sitting on the flour or on a chair. In the first case you should sit down on the floor, your legs half—bent, your back is straight. In the second case you should sit on the edge of a chair and straighten your back.

 Then join your arms bent in elbows at the level of forehead so that your left palm was on your right hand. Try to feel connection between your palms and your “third eye”. Say the mantra “Rei”. Imagine that energy goes up from the point in the middle of chest to the centre of your forehead, this energy is pumped in with your palms and goes back to the area of heart going slowly your arms.

---ALGIZ(OLGIZ) –defence.

The runa ALGIZ is a man lifting his hands up to the all—powerful sky in a pray. This runa gives you Gods’ defence and supreme knowledge. It strengthens your determination in achieving your aim, it can also help you to gain peace of mind when you are stressed. Activating inner power of a person, this runa helps to have a presentiment of dangers and avoid them.

The runa Algiz personifies birth and death. That is why it is carved in two direction meaning woman’s and man’s basis. Woman’s basis is a symbol of birth and the beginning of life, man’s basis is a symbol of war and death.

The name “Algiz” comes from the word “elks”, “elk’s herb or” elk’s sedge” is also mentioned in the Anglo—Saxon runic poem. The shape of this herb looks like the runa Algiz. EIK or deer is a solar symbol, it personifies the sky, the Universe and the seasons. EIK’s sedge is allegoric depicting of sword. If you grip I rashly, you can cut yourself badly. It shows you that the symbol Algiz is double—edged, i.e. its energy can be very dangerous for a person who is not careful and not experienced.

The tuning spell for this runa is:

  I see Gods,

  They defend me

   I see Death.

    It clears me.

Stand straight, lift your hands up, turn your palms in your  direction. Feel that energy from your fingers gathers slowly in the centre of your palms and goes to your body through your arms and shoulders. At the same time the energy of space goes through your crown and then it goes down. All three streams of energy join in your body, go down through your legs and then go to the ground. Say the mantra”HOL’g”. after finishing doing this exercise put down your arms and shake them several times throwing away unnecessary strain.

---SOWELU(SOUL) is a solar energy.

The runa SOWELU is a symbol of sunshine, its strength, might and victory over darkness. It is the lightest and the most joyful runa bringing peace, supporting life and helping in all undertakings.

This runa helps to see people, things, events in their true light. It personifies magic display of will and helps wishes to come true. It helps you to get the supreme knowledge.

You can use energy of this runa for healing, it helps tissue’s regeneration and holds back the processes of aging at the cellular level. For better tuning to the healing energy of the runa “SOWELU” say the spell:

    The sun is rising.

   The flowers are opening.

   My body is filling with power.

   My genus’s power is inside of me.

Take usual point of departure. Bend your legs, press your hands against your knees. Straighten your spine and stretch yourself forward maximum. Concentrate on your solar plexus and tune to the Sun. try to feel connection between the sun and your solar plexus. Say the galdr “SOU:. Feel the solar energy filling your body. After finishing doing this pose you should do some breathing exercises and throw your strain away shaking your hands.

   Runas of the third att.

  ---TEIWAZ (TIR) –the state of warrior.

Impulse of energy.

The runa TEIWAZ is personification of man’s basis, man’s power, bravery and might. It is an aspiration to the supreme aim and a symbol of self-sacrifice for this aim.

The runa TEIWAZ is connected with Tir, the God of the sky and justice. That is why TEIWAZ is the runa of legality and order. It has a shape of spear – symbol of determination, warrior’s honour and bravery. It is also an allegoric depicting of the column irminsul’ which supports the structure of the Universe and the polar star which is invariable guide of travelers

The runa TEIWAZ will help you to be in harmony with yourself and surrounding world and to overcome any obstacles and difficulties directing your energy to the right channel.

Say the spell before doing exercise, it will help you to tune to the runa’s energy in the best way and to understand its real meaning:

I feel my inner power,

It makes me move

I go to my aim

I wipe out all obstacles on my way. .

Stand straight and try to stretch your spine maximum. Put your arms aside at the level of waist and put your palms down. Feel the energy of the Eath going up along your legs, then it goes along your spine, it gets to the level of shoulders and then it goes down through your arms to the ground. At the same time a stream of the space fire comes into your crown, goes through your arms and then goes back into the ground. Concentrate on your solar plexus and say the goldar”TEI”. Concentrate on your heart and continue singing the mantra”TEI”. Feel space around you, tune to emotional background, concentrate on any problem or business. Feel a compressea’ spring inside of you. Let your inner strain be maximum, then release this spring. Imagine that your inner energy wips out all obstacles on its way.

--Berkana (Bjarka) is woman’s force.

The runa Berkana is a symbol of creative woman’s basis, unlimited mother’s force taking care and supporting in all undertakings. It is a symbol of peace, harmony and home.

 This runa can heal and defend, it keeps and renovates energy. It can help you to overcome crisis and to change your life for the better.

 The name of this runa comes from the indo-German word “BHERG”—“to sparkle”. It is a branch of birch. Branches of birch were used in rituals of fertility and in spring festivals. The birch was devoted to the Goddess Freya who was the Goddess of fertility, beauty, live and harmony. She also ruled all cycles of nature.

   The tuning spell for this runa is:

   I am diving into the pool.

   A whirlpool is sucking me in.

   I am filling with energy.

   Energy is going through my body.

Bend your left leg in your knee so that you could set your heal against your right ankle. Bend your left arm in your elbow and put it on your hip. If your pose is correct, your bent leg and arm are in the same surface. Concentrate on the lower part of your stomach, imagine a dense ball there. Say the mantra “BEI”. Energy in a shape of spiral fills the lower part of your stomach and fills gradually all your body going up along your  energetic channels.

Do some breathing exercises and shake your hands.

-EHWAZ(E)—is transference in space.

The runa Ehwans means “horse”, it is a symbol of movement, getting over difficulties and it is also a symbol of progress. This runa is connected with changes in life and with magic change of consciousness.

The  runa Ehwas personifies mystical unity of a horseman and his horse, it helps to gain harmony in relations and improve abilities of better communication.

Horse is a sacred animal in many cultures, there are many myths and legends about horse. The most famous horse in the German—Scandinavian mythology is an eight- legged horse Sleipnir. Odin, Supreme Ruler of the Ases, the God of Knowledge, magic and wisdom, the patron of shamans and travelers travelled on this horse among worlds. So, the runa Ehwaz like a horse is the means of transportation in space and into other also symbolizes divine power and will of the sky.

Before working on the runa Ehwaz say the spell:

     I see a Horse.

     I am riding the Horse.

    The World is changing.

    I am going along the worlds.

Stand straight, put your hands on your navel, one hand is over another one. Concentrate on your solar plexus, try to feel your aura. Say the mantra “EIWI”.

Imagine that all your energy is gathered in a ball in your solar plexus. This ball is separating from you and moving around the room. Suckin the ball back into your solar plexus, let its energy go around your body. Say the mantra”EIWI”.

Gather the ball again and put your consciousness into this ball. Go up to the ceiling slowly and look down at your body. Look at surrounding objects, move to the next room. Concentrate as much as possible, find a shut book or any note with your eyes and try  to read it. After doing this exercise shake your hands several times for taking your strain away and breathe in and breathe out deeply.

You can go out of physical body if you want

--to travel in space searching people and objects

--to travel around the Earth and other planets

--to heal yourself and change the level of your consciousness

--to turn to other Egregors

--to travel along the Yggdrasil’ tree for changing and transforming your consciousness

--to travel in time for looking over situations and work on incarnations.

-MANNAZ(MADR)- is activation of subconsciousness.

The runa”MANNAZ” is a personification of human as microcosm, it os a symbol of society, divine consciousness and unity of life and death. This runa makes you to gain perfection and it expresses experience which you gained.

 The energy of the runa Mannaz intensifies your intuition, your mental abilities, it helps you to get to know yourself through activation of subconsciousness. It gives people knowledge.

“MANNAZ”  is consonant with the name of the German God of the Moon, Mann or Mani. He corresponds to the God Heimdal’, the guard of the sky gates. This runa means not only a human but Heimdal’ who was, according to a legend, a profather of people. He had wisdom of all worlds and he gave divine knowledge to people.

For better tuning to the runa Mannaz say the spell:

  I am going along a labyrinth.

  I see the picture.

  I remember my previous lives

  My inner teacher leads me.

Stand straight, put your legs at the width of shoulders. Put your crossed arms on your chest, your palms should lie on your shoulders. Bend your head a little forward. Concentrate on your solar  plexus, then put your consciousness inside your body. Say the galdr “Mann”.

After doing this exercise breathe in and put several times and shake your hands several times.

--LAGUZ(LAGU) is development of consciousness. Stream of information.

The runa Laguz personifies flowing water and it brings energy, health and wealth. Its emblem is a stem of onion as a symbol of growth and harmony with surrounding world.

Laguz is a woman’s runa. It rules not only water’s running. But also streams of information and energy. With its help you get intuitive knowledge which you already have. You will get it transefring it from your subconsciousness to your consciousness.

This spell expresses the meaning of the runa Laguz very exactly:

    I am standing in a fliw of water.

   I can see a spring.

   An inner knowledge is coming to me.

   I am communicating with Gods.

Stretch your arms forward at the level of waist. Put your palms down. Feel a space stream bringing information. This stream goes through your crown and goes to the ground through your arms and at the same time it goes through your legs. Say the mantra”LAGZ”.

Imagine a bright white ball flying high over your head. Try to feel similar ball smaller than this one in your head. Concentrate on the connection between these two balls and say the mantra “LAGZ”. Your consciousness widens and merges with the Genius of the Earth.

Do some easy breathing exercises and shake your hands for throwing your strain away.    

--INGUZ(ING)—man’s power, energy Yan.

The runa INGUZ is symbol of vitality and inner transformation. This runa helps to accumulate energy and get desirable result in any actions. It gives you luck, health and opens new fields of self- expression.

 The name of the runa Inguz is connected with one of the names of the ancient German God Freir, the God of summer, sunlight, fertility and sensual enjoyment. Freir was a patron of good harvest, health and wealth. The name of the runa comes from INGNEG(IGNIS)—“fire”, it symbolizes not destunctive force of fire but force of the sun which brings creation and renovation. It also symbolizes hope, peace and victory of life over death.

Before doing the exercise say the tuning spell:

  Fire is burning inside of me.

  I am being filled with inner light.

  I am growing.

  I am radiating.

Stand straight. Straighten your chest and shoulders maximum. Put your hands on your waist and concentrate on the lower part of your stomach and on your genitals. Say the mantra “NJUGG”. Imagine and feel a fire ball in the lower part of your stomach. Its energy fills up your body and makes it strong and healthy.

 DAGAZ operates inner time.

The runa DAGAZ  symbolizes transforming sunlight, health and wealth. This runa symbolizes change of time during one day and marks point between the end of old cycle and the beginning of new cycle. Dagaz provides balance of light and darkness, day and night. It gives hope and helps to get over any limitations.

The runa Dagaz personifies the time of summer solstice, the point of the middle of summer.

After going across this point days gradually shorten and the nature prepares for winter. This moment is described in the ancient myths as a tragic death of young handsome Baldr, the God of light, peace and beauty. His death is predetermined.

Before work on the runa Dagaz say the tuning apell:

      I can see a stream of time.

      I operate it.

    I increase the speed.

    I change events.

You can do this exercise sitting on the floor in the “Turkish” pose or sitting on a chair. Put your hands on your knees if you sit on a chair. Put your hands on the floor if you sit on the floor in the “Turkish” pose. Concentrate on the sense of other people. Say the galdr”DAGGS”. Feel the running time. Try to speed your inner time and then to slow it down relatively to other people.

-OTILA(ODAL,OTILIA,OFALA) is experience of previous lives.

The runa Otila is a symbol of home and unshakable connection with family. It is a runa of security and harmony with environment. It also helps you to develop your abilities and to achieve desirable aim.

The name Otila means”inherited country property” and personifies not only defence  but also some mystery and inner world of human, his spirit. Using the runa Otila, you can gain knowledge about previous incarnations and get spiritual connection with your family.

For better tuning to the runa Otila say the special spell:

      A chest is standing,

      I am opening it.

      There is a book inside of it.

      I am reading it.

      I am tuning to Heritage.

Put your legs at the width of shoulders and bend them in knees a little. Stretch your arms forward and up a little. Your palms look down. Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirrow. Say the mantra “OOUT”. Feel your inner changes.

After finishing doing the exercise shake your hands and breathe in and out deeply several times.

     The complex of runic mudras.

Runic mudras are positions of palms and fingers which depict runas’ signs attracting power. Runic poses help to pump energetic body but mudras are used for accumulating energy, for defence  from outward negative influence and for further work on situations.

 An initial pose for runic mudras is “a pose of a horseman”. Stand straight, your legs are a little wider than shoulders, sit down a little but try not to bend your body back.

              Runas of the first att.

--FEHU is an entrance to the runas’ Egregor. It helps to get material values and desirable traits.

 It gives you power and confedence for realizing your plans.

Stand straight, your legs at the width of shoulders. The index finger of your right hand is pressed to the base of the middle finger and to the second joint of the index finger of the left hand. The mudra is put at the level of chest and transferred to the back of the head slowly so that the index finger of the right hand looked up.

You should tune to the runa, feel the stream of energy “FEHU” which goes through your arms and at the same time through your crown. It goes through your body and goes down to the ground. Then say the mantra “FEI”.

Transfer your mudra to the level of chest again.

Try to feel the connection between the crown and the solar plexus. Say the mantra “FEI” again.

At the end of exercising put your hands on your solar plexus one hand is over another one. Stay in this pose for some time watching your feelings.

---URUZ (UR) is a runa of force. It is used for operating energy. It increases ability to work. The index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger are bent, the thumb and the small finger are straighten. The thumb is pressed to the index finger, it is parallel to the small finger.

Put your hand on your stomach so that your wrist was on your solar plexus and your fingers looked down. Put your left hand over your right hand so that your left covered your right hand. Say the mantra “YUSS”.

--- THURISAZ(THURS) is destruction and break of negative connections. It helps to ruin any obstacles on your way and get rid of negative connections.

Take initial pose. Press the index finger and the middle finger of the left hand to the index finger of the right hand. In this way you copy the runa’s sign. You should make this mudra at the level of chest. Say the mantra “TAUSS”.

--- ANSUZ(ASS) is connection with the genius of the Earth. It helps to increase the level of consciousness and to gain wisdom. It helps to find the way out in difficult situations.

 Stand straight. Press the index finger of your right hand to the base of the index finger of your left hand so that this finger crossed the middle finger of your left hand. The mudra is put at the level of chest. Say the galdr”ONSS”.

----RAIDO(REID)—is a runa of way. It helps you to widen the borders of deliration. It increases intuition. It brings order into life.

 Put the stretched thumb and the index finger of your right hand against the index finger of your left hand so that your thumb pressed against the line of joint and your index finger was near the nail. This mudra is made at the level of chest. Say the galdr”RAIT”.

---KANO(KEN) –Fire. It increases activity and helps to gain clearance of thinking for understanding what you should change in your life. It helps to heal yourself and other people. It is liberation of energy Yan. The index finger and the thumb of your right hand make an angle 90 degrees. The mudra is made in the direction of a human who needs his wounds to be closed. Say the mantra”KAU”.

  GEBO(GIFU) is establishing of connections. It allows to develop abilities of telepathy. It tunes two people together joining the energy of the upper chakras.

The index fingers of both hands are crossed in the region of the second joint. Hands joined in the mudra are put on the upper point of your forehead. Say the mantra”GEIB”.

---   WINJU(WUNJO) is sexuality, joy. It helps to gain the certain trait or project it on other people. It tunes you to other people.

Women should make this mudra in this way:

Put the stretched thumb and the index finger of your right hand against the index finger of your left hand so that the index finger pressed against the line of the second joint and the thumb pressed against the base of the finger.

Men should make this mudra in this way:

Put the stretched thumb and the index finger of your left hand against the index finger of your right hand. The thumb pressed against the line of the second joint of the index finger of your right hand and the index finger presses against the point near the upper phalange.

Both in man’s and woman’s versions say the mantra”WEIN”>

        Runas of the second att.

---HAGALAZ(HAGAL) is defence from negative influence. Destroying, it helps to change surrounding space.

The middle finger of the right hand presses against the line of the second joint of the index finger of the left hand. The index finger of the right hand is stretched up. You can also use this mudra as indicating gesture for destroying something. This mudra is usually made at level of solar plexus.

  Say the galdr”HAGAL”.

    --NAUTHIZ(NEED) is need. It opens informative channel. It helps to understand what you really need at the moment and it makes you to act actively. It awakes human’s will. It takes you out of stress.

This runa looks like slanting cross and it is made with the index fingers of both hand. The index finger of the left hand is vertical and the index finger of the right hand has a little bent.

The second joints of the fingers touch one another. The mudra is made at the level of chest.

Say the mantra “NOIT”. Feel the energy of the Earth feeling your body, activating the lower energetic centers.

I –ISA(ISS) –is ice. It allows to make ideal structure. It strengthen your will and teaches you to concentrate and be calm. It sets free the energy in. it stops undesirable processes.

Straighten the index fingers of both hands. Then press the index finger of the right hand against the back of the left palm in the point between the first and the second wrist joints i.e. in the point of junction of the thumb and the index finger. Put your hands in this pose at the level of chest and say the mantra “EISS”.

   JERA(YER) is ruling the weather. It brings gradual changes and full renovation. It makes something to be cyclic. It allows to influence on natural processes and activate energy of nature influencing on state of health.

This mudra consists of two mudras”KENO” which don’t touch one another. They are made with left and right hands on the same plane, the thumb and the index fingers make an angle of about 45 degrees. Say the mantra”YER” trying to feel pulsation of fire.

---  EIHWAZ(YO)—is vital energy. It sets free inner forces saving from fears.

The direction of gesture away from oneself symbolizes life, and the direction to oneself symbolizes death. Bend fingers of the right hand making an angle of 90 degrees and put your opened left palm with straighten fingers with back of the hand under your right elbow. Say the mantra”IWI”.

    --PERTH(PETRA) is a kettle. It helps to develop clairvoyance. It allows to direct energy in necessary direction changing surrounding space. Touch the index finger and the thumb of your right hand with the index finger and the thumb of your left hand on the back base of these fingers. The mudra is made at the level of solar plexus.

Say the galdr “REI”.

---ALGIZ(OLGIZ) is defence. It helps to get over the most difficult situations and gain the state of harmony with surrounding world.

 Put the straighten index finger of the left hand against the back of the right palm so that the base of the index finger of the left hand was in the point between the bases of the straighten index finger and the middle finger of the right hand. Put the mudra on the back of your head so that the mudra looked up. Say the mantra”HOL’G”. The energy of the runa Algiz will come in through your hands and the back of your head, go through all your body and go down to the ground.

   ---SOWELU(SOL)- is solar energy. Leadership. Make the runa KENO with your left hand and the runa ISA with your right hand. Touch the right index finger with the left thumb. They are touched witg the upper phalanges. Say the mantra”SOU”. Feel the so;ar energy which flows through your body coming in through your crown and it emanates from your hands in necessary direction.

Runas of the third att.

 ---TEIWAZ (TIR) is a state of warrior.

It gives a powerful impulse of energy for your movement to the aim.

Put the index finger of your left hand between the index finger and the middle finger of your right hand so that the upper point of the index finger touched the point between the bases of the index finger and the middle finger of your right. It must be a gesture looking like an arrow which looks up. The mudra is made at the level of the middle of chest. Say the mantra”TEI”.

  --BERCANA(BYARKA) is a woman’s force. It allows to save energy. It helps to make a family united. It heals typical woman’s. tuning to the Egregor in.

Put the middle finger, the index finger and the thumb of your right hand to the upper phalanges’ bases of the left index finger. The mudra is made on the lower part of your stomach.

Say the mantra”BEI”.

---EHWAZ(E) is transferring in the space. It teaches the technique of astral going out. It shows the place of transition between the worlds. It allows to go forward and achieve the desirable.

Join your straightened index fingers and thumbs of your both hands with the tops of your thumbs. The mudra is made in the direction of away from you at the level of solar plexus. Say the mantra”EIWI”.

    --MANNAZ(MADR)—is activation of subconsciousness. It increases intellect and intuition. It allows to activate necessary knowledge and skills from the previous incarnation. It helps to gain the inner harmony balancing the woman’s and the man’s energy in a body.

Join the straightened index fingers and the thumbs of both hands so that the thumbs crossed and made a cross and the upper ends of the thumbs pressed against the bases of the index fingers. This mudra is made on the solar plexus. Say the galdr “MANN”.

   LAGUZ(LAGU)—is development of consciousness. It tunes a person to a stream of information and allows him to get any knowledge which he is interested in.

Put the upper end of the right in dex finger to the upper end of the left index finger, the angle is about 45 degrees. The mudra is made at the level of forehead. Say the mantra”LAGS”.

  --- INGUZ(ING) –is the man’s power, the energy Yan. It allows to get to the Supreme powers and to save energy. It helps to heal barrenness.

Put your index fingers and thumbs of both hands so that they touched each other in the middle point. You have got in the result two runes KENO. This mudra is made at the lower part of the stomach. Say the galdr”NYUGG”.

---DAGAZ—is ruling the inner time. It allows to speed the time of the duration of any situation and to influence on its result.

  Join the stretched index fingers and the middle fingers of both hands so that the upper ends of the middle fingers touched the upper ends of the index fingers. This mudra is made at the level of the middle of the chest. Say the mantra “DAGSS”.


Allows you to activate the experience of previous lives and to develop your abilities.

    Join the straightened index fingers and thumbs of both hands so that the thumbs touched one another with their upper phalandes and the index fingers crossed in the point of the base of the second phalange and made a cross. This mudra is made on the solar plexus. Say the mantra “OOUT”.

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